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An Integrated Process from Concept to Delivery

The Topper Process

Topper’s in-house team of designers, engineers, and fabricators are dedicated to delivering the best engineered bridges, catwalks, and marine gangway products in the industry. Founded in 1974, Topper’s industry leadership is built on our customer centric approach along with quick turnaround times, competitive pricing, and our commitment to quality.

We work closely with our clients from concept to final product delivery. Toppers five projeect states include: 1) Concept - We help develop your project requirements and design concepts. 2) Design - Structural designers produce your project blueprints. 3) Fabrication - Skilled craftsmen prefabricate your project to approved drawings. 4) Delivery - Using our trusted shipping partners to your job site. 5)Installation - In-house and trusted outsourced Installation options available.

Our process begins with a conversation with our experienced sales engineers who know the right questions to ask to help scope the requirements for your project along with developing design ideas that fit the aesthetics of your project location. Topper takes into consideration all the details of your project to advise on material selection, design standards, and features like lighting and decking choices. From there you will receive a detailed estimate along with preliminary drawings of your project.

Toppers experienced structural designers consider all the technical and design requirements of your project to produce a detailed drafting model (CAD) initial design to be reviewed and approved by the customer. From there the design is reviewed and finalized against rigorous engineer standards to receive the final approval engineering stamp of approval for the state your project is in.

For the build phase of your project, Topper’s skilled team of fitters, fabricators, and welders prefabricate the components of your project into shippable modules in our quality-controlled production facility. This process ensures the consistency and quality we demand and our customers expect.

We take care of all the shipping details associated with the delivery or your project from our production facility to your job site. Logistics, wide loads, routing, and chase cars are all handled by Topper using our trusted network of experienced shippers. 

Need assistance with onsite construction? Topper is happy to deploy a construction team to your job site to assist your crew in installing your project quickly and efficiently, saving you valuable manpower and equipment rental time.

Aluminum Engineering Experts

Why Aluminum?

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Excellent staff, and awesome facility.

Everyone here takes a lot of pride in their work. You don't see many businesses anymore that really focus on exactly what the customer service. Everyone here goes above and beyond to ensure the customer gets exactly what they want all while engineering and providing an outstanding product. Always a pleasure to work with everyone at Topper Industries.


Very knowledgeable, and a great eye for detail.

I have had occasion to deal with Topper for a number of years and I have found them to be really friendly, knowledgeable, and to have a great eye for detail. I would highly recommend them!

Bryan Yinger

Delivered when we needed it

This event truly is happening because of your team's effort. Without it, we wouldn’t have been able to open a whole new section of the venue and would have had to stop ticket sales much earlier. Thanks for the terrific work. Please pass along my appreciation to everyone on the Bridge Brothers and Topper team. The really great thing is, not only does the bridge look great, but it was delivered when we needed it! I wanted to let you know that 110 million people around the world will also see it during the race. Let's do more together in the future.