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Steamboat Landing

Washougal, WA

Steamboat Landing is a popular location for fishing on the Columbia River.

The 76’-0” Topper approach bridge is attached to the Topper gangway, at the Park in Washougal Washington. 

The gangway is 4’-6” wide and a single span of 130’-0” long where you can access the fishing dock, drop in a line and relax with others.

Wolf Bridge

Sequim, WA

The Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe partnered with designer Bud Turner and Topper Industries to make these wonderfully unique pedestrian bridges located at the Veterans Memorial and Ancestral land in Sequim Washington.

Each measures 5’-6” wide, and 20’-0” long. The artistic tribal designs are by Bud Turner.

Topper inserted each design into an aluminum structure and added a rich, smooth, powder-coated finish to capture the profound culture of the S’Klallam Tribe.

South Texas Gateway Terminal

Corpus Christi, TX

Buckeye Partners created a deep water, high volume marine export terminal to load millions of barrels of crude oil.

This massive project consisted of 28 Catwalks and 3 Walkways measuring 5’-0” wide and up to 96’– 10” long, all proudly provided by Topper Industries.

Ridge Motorsports Park

Shelton, WA

The Ridge Motorsports Park is the Pacific Northwest’s premier destination motorsports complex.

The park is located near the city of Shelton, Washington and recently opted to provide its spectators with a pedestrian bridge that spanned the entire width of the racetrack.

In order to keep the crowd safe and moving the bridge was enclosed with sleek aluminum siding.

The length of the main walkway is 80’-0” and has plenty of elbow room at 8 foot wide. The 80’-0” is flanked by a 40’-0” and a 30’-0” walkway respectively.

Topper also supplied the stair and platform unit. The ease of access will surely contribute to a day of fun at the races.