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Navigation and Mooring Buoys

Our patented Topper mooring buoy has an aluminum bottom plate, an aluminum tripod top, and utilizes the indestructible TopperĀ® Float.

The tripod top provides an excellent radar reflector and a blue, light reflective surface. The buoy supports your anchor ground tackle and gives you direct connection to the anchor.

Our heavy-duty mooring buoys utilize galvanized steel and can support up to 1,000 pounds of ground tackle. A boat is tied to a ring supported by the tripod. The ring is connected directly to an anchor chain. This design allows for maximum leverage.

Both the standard and heavy-duty designs can be outfitted with a solar powered, weather proof light with adjustable flash rate for night location.

The white color and blue top meet the Coast Guard requirements for mooring buoys in U.S. waters.

Debris Booms

The debris boom consists of Topper Floats with thru rods to hold the unit together. Concrete is added to the section for weight and stability. The amount of concrete can be varied to change the free board of the boom. They are designed with low maintenance and long life in mind. The design life is twenty to twenty-five years, in most cases.

Access for trash removal can also be provided using a Topper dock. The dock can be custom fit around intake screens to give a safe area for your crew.

Safety dam barriers prevent boaters from entering hazardous areas around the dam and intake structures. There are several designs that allow for easy maintenance and flexibility of operation. Our floating sign buoys can be incorporated in these areas.