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Custom Aluminum Catwalk Design & Fabrication

Commercial & Industrial Catwalks

Topper aluminum catwalks have many applications, from naval shipyards, industrial facilities, LNG terminals, and cruise ship docking, to wastewater treatment plants, sea platforms our catwalks serve many purposes. They are lightweight, strong, and can be constructed to withstand hurricane force winds of up to 180 mph. Whatever your need may be for a catwalk or walkway, we can cover it. Call us today to get a quote!

Our Process

An Integrated Project Experience

From private industry to public entities, we offer a transparent process to ensure your project is a success. It starts with an in depth conversation with our sales engineers. From there our professional design and engineering group develops the project to your specifications. Next our experienced fabrications team brings your blueprints to life ensuring every cut, seam, and weld meet our exacting standards. Finally we handle all the logistics associated with transporting your project to the job site for installation.

Aluminum Marine Gangway Contractor


Excellent staff, and awesome facility.

Everyone here takes a lot of pride in their work. You don't see many businesses anymore that really focus on exactly what the customer service. Everyone here goes above and beyond to ensure the customer gets exactly what they want all while engineering and providing an outstanding product. Always a pleasure to work with everyone at Topper Industries.


Very knowledgeable, and a great eye for detail.

I have had occasion to deal with Topper for a number of years and I have found them to be really friendly, knowledgeable, and to have a great eye for detail. I would highly recommend them!

Bryan Yinger

Delivered when we needed it

This event truly is happening because of your team's effort. Without it, we wouldn’t have been able to open a whole new section of the venue and would have had to stop ticket sales much earlier. Thanks for the terrific work. Please pass along my appreciation to everyone on the Bridge Brothers and Topper team. The really great thing is, not only does the bridge look great, but it was delivered when we needed it! I wanted to let you know that 110 million people around the world will also see it during the race. Let's do more together in the future.


Custom Aluminum Fabrication

Why Aluminum?

We're aluminum structure experts with over the 45 years of experience designing and building gangways, bridges, catwalks, floating docks, marina access gates, and more.

  • Cost Effective
    Lower material costs, lower handling and fabrication costs, lower transportation costs.
  • Strong and Light
    Aluminum's superior strength-to-weight ratio make it an ideal material for marine and bridge applications.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs
    Aluminum's natural corrosion resistance helps to keep maintenance costs low while always looking great.
industrial aluminum catwalk contractor

Commercial Catwalks

Designed to Your Specifications

Catwalks are an integral element of both marine aesthetic and usability. They are lightweight, can resist high speed winds, have minimal deflection, and provide its users with necessary access to high valued platforms and areas of buildings/ships that wouldn’t be accessible otherwise. Get a quote from our sales engineers today!